Tuesday, July 29, 2008

A day at the beach

Today was a very very nice day. It seems that a day vacation to the beach to swim, bodysuf, and take in the breeze really helps. I've been in summer school for PE this whole summer sofar, and missed a trip to the beach once already. But now its great, that i'm finally out, breathing more than the recyced air of my bedroom. I[m realxing the the hotel room right now, at 10 p.m. All the fresh air and new scenary is helping me. I feel so calm :)

I've had some nice experences today, he first thing that happened to us as soon as we checked in, we where all greeted with a nice warm chockolate chip cookie. We then went off to the beach, and just chilled. After we went off to Macaroni Grill and I ordered a Viel Marsala (Chicken Marsala is better, I now know), ate a bit to much, then went back off to the beach and enjoyed the sunset.

I took a few nice pictures that I will be posting soon. My trip ends this Thursday, and I will be doing many more activites before I leave. We have a boat trip and some putt putt planned for tommarow, maby even some Jet Ski.

Note: I'm on my dads laptop in the hotel, and he's using IE (I put on FF for him but the second a he had a little problem he took it off...doesn't know what he's missing. I'm workin with like 3 popups minimized, which im not used to.) So I apologize for any typos you may see.


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