Friday, May 23, 2008

Bike Ride

Hello all, its like 9:27 p.m. and I just got back from a bike ride....

I had to call my neighbor and convince him to go, fish out my bike from the clutter of my garage, and then fill up my tires with air. We had originally planed to ride down about a mile, turn and go home, but went down about 4, and then stopped at a buds house.

Now, there are a few things I want to say about this mans house. Sure his dad used to work for Kiss and all, and sure the kids got an iMac....but when I went in there...OMFG. It was amazing, they had like around 10 amps the size of myself (round 5 ft. 8 inch.). At one point, I was just chillin, watchin their dad ripp on the guitar, then I noticed...I was leaning my body, not on a Dresser, but an amp....a big azz amp.

Then I went up stairs to his room, and saw his iMac....shure there big, i've seen the size they got at school... nice comptuers. His was bigger, and much nicer. And looked so cool.

Well, besides the whole experence, we then left and kinda rode back home...another 4 miles.

Now, sure todays post may not be that great, but i'm still workin on the whole "blogging" prospect... also, for you guitar plp out there, learn the tetris theme on the sounds wickked...thats all I gotta say.

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Women Logic

Alright here's some women logic for you people. Now, no one take offense to this, but this is what happen, and I am truly amazed.

It all started one cold Florida evening, at around 10:30 p.m. I was at my buddies house, and I got a txt message from a friend, complaining about one of my other friends. Well you see, these two have had bad feelings for each other for a while now, but this person (the one that txted me) didn't like the other person more, then the other person didn't like them back...confusing I know...Just reread that last sentence until you get in down....Perhaps a pic will help:

Basically its depicting "hate rays" (the arrows). As you can see girl 2 with the phone dislikes girl 1 more, then girl 1 dislikes girl 2.

Now, now...back to the story. Girl 2 txted me, and was complaining about girl 1, "oh shes such a whore, I don't like her blah blah blah. Well, girl 1 found out about the messages sent, and convinced me to let her see them. So, I showed it to her.

Now your probably thinking, "Ok now girl 2 doesn't trust you no more, and girl 1 is mad." Well that's what I thought as well. Turns out, after school something transpired while I was at a club meeting....

The next day, it turns out, girls 1 and 2 became friends....and girls 1 and 2 now dislike me.