Thursday, May 22, 2008

Women Logic

Alright here's some women logic for you people. Now, no one take offense to this, but this is what happen, and I am truly amazed.

It all started one cold Florida evening, at around 10:30 p.m. I was at my buddies house, and I got a txt message from a friend, complaining about one of my other friends. Well you see, these two have had bad feelings for each other for a while now, but this person (the one that txted me) didn't like the other person more, then the other person didn't like them back...confusing I know...Just reread that last sentence until you get in down....Perhaps a pic will help:

Basically its depicting "hate rays" (the arrows). As you can see girl 2 with the phone dislikes girl 1 more, then girl 1 dislikes girl 2.

Now, now...back to the story. Girl 2 txted me, and was complaining about girl 1, "oh shes such a whore, I don't like her blah blah blah. Well, girl 1 found out about the messages sent, and convinced me to let her see them. So, I showed it to her.

Now your probably thinking, "Ok now girl 2 doesn't trust you no more, and girl 1 is mad." Well that's what I thought as well. Turns out, after school something transpired while I was at a club meeting....

The next day, it turns out, girls 1 and 2 became friends....and girls 1 and 2 now dislike me.


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