Thursday, August 28, 2008

IE8 a FF Killer?

I just downloaded the beta for IE8, and although kinda slow (duh, its a beta) it looks equil, if not better than FireFox. Its got tabs, quick tabs, and a new feature called "webslices"

I don't want to give away to much, I recommend everyone downlaoding the beta and trying it out, you won't be displeased.
You can download it here:

As you can see in the screen shot, its very very pretty. That green feed symbol around the top digg stories is the webslice thing. (click on the image for a bigger view)

The only drawback I've seen so far (in the 5 minutes I've been using it) is that theres no spellcheck...but I'm shure that a simple plugin will fix that :).

If Microsoft keeps adding new features and stays on the track that it's on right now, I'm looking foward to a very, very interesting browser, that might even make me make the big swich from FF to IE...

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